3/13/22 Final Bracket

1. Gonzaga (Portland)1. Arizona (San Diego)1. Kansas (Fort Worth)1. Baylor (Fort Worth)
2. Auburn (Greenville)2. Tennessee (Greenville)2. Villanova (Pittsburgh)2. Kentucky (Indianapolis)
3. UCLA (Portland)3. Texas Tech (San Diego)3. Purdue (Indianapolis)3. Duke (Pittsburgh)
4. Houston (Buffalo)4. Illinois (Milwaukee)4. Arkansas (Buffalo)4. Wisconsin (Milwaukee)
5. Texas5. Providence5. Iowa5. Connecticut
6. LSU6. Saint Mary’s6. Alabama6. Murray St.
7. Boise St.7. San Diego St.7. North Carolina7. Ohio St.
8. Virginia Tech8. Michigan St.8. Colorado St.8. Loyola-Chicago
9. Seton Hall9. TCU9. Memphis9. USC
10. Michigan10. Davidson10. Texas A&M10. San Francisco
11. Iowa St.11. Indiana11. Marquette/Miami-FL11. Creighton
12. South Dakota St.12. SMU/Rutgers12. Richmond12. UAB
13. New Mexico St.13. Chattanooga13. Vermont13. Akron
14. Montana St.14. Yale14. Colgate14. Longwood
15. Cal State Fullerton15. Jacksonville St.15. Delaware15. Saint Peter’s
16. Bryant/Texas A&M-Corpus Christi16. Wright St./Texas Southern16. Georgia St.16. Norfolk St.

Seed List

  1. Gonzaga, Arizona, Kansas, Baylor
  2. Kentucky, Tennessee, Villanova, Auburn
  3. Purdue, Duke, Texas Tech, UCLA
  4. Illinois, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Houston
  5. Connecticut, Iowa, Texas, Providence
  6. LSU, Murray St., Saint Mary’s, Alabama
  7. Boise St., San Diego St., North Carolina, Ohio St.
  8. Loyola-Chicago, Michigan St., Virginia Tech, Colorado St.
  9. Memphis, Seton Hall, TCU, USC
  10. San Francisco, Texas A&M, Davidson, Michigan
  11. Indiana, Iowa St., Creighton, Marquette (play-in), Miami-FL (play-in)
  12. UAB, Richmond, South Dakota St., SMU (play-in), Rutgers (play-in)
  13. New Mexico St., Chattanooga, Vermont, Akron
  14. Longwood, Colgate, Yale, Montana St.
  15. Cal State Fullerton, Jacksonville St., Delaware, Saint Peter’s
  16. Norfolk St., Georgia St., Wright St. (play-in), Texas Southern (play-in), Bryant (play-in), Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

Last Four Byes

Michigan, Indiana, Iowa St., Creighton

Last Four In

Marquette, Miami-FL, SMU, Rutgers

First Four Out

Wake Forest, Xavier, Notre Dame, Wyoming

Next Four Out

BYU, Oklahoma, Florida, North Texas

02/21/22 bracket

1. Gonzaga (Portland)1. Arizona (San Diego)1. Kansas (Fort Worth)1. Auburn (Greenville)
2. Duke (Greenville)2. Baylor (Fort Worth)2. Kentucky (Indianapolis)2. Purdue (Indianapolis)
3. Texas Tech (San Diego)3. Tennessee (Pittsburgh)3. Illinois (Milwaukee)3. Villanova (Pittsburgh)
4. UCLA (Portland)4. Wisconsin (Milwaukee)4. Providence (Buffalo)4. Texas (Buffalo)
5. Ohio St.5. Connecticut5. Alabama5. Houston
6. LSU6. Michigan St.6. Arkansas6. USC
7. Xavier7. Murray St.7. Saint Mary’s7. Iowa St.
8. Boise St.8. Seton Hall8. Iowa8. Marquette
9. Michigan9. Colorado St.9. San Diego St.9. Wake Forest
10. Loyola-Chicago10. San Francisco10. North Carolina10. Wyoming
11. North Texas11. Davidson11. Memphis11. TCU
12. South Dakota St.12. Oklahoma/Florida12. Indiana/Miami-FL12. Iona
13. New Mexico St.13. Chattanooga13. Vermont13. Toledo
14. Montana St.14. Princeton14. Northern Iowa14. Wagner
15. Texas St.15. Jacksonville St.15. UNC Wilmington15. Colgate
16. Longwood16. Norfolk St.16. Cleveland St./Alcorn St.16. Long Beach St./New Orleans

Last four byes: Wyoming, Loyola-Chicago, TCU, Memphis

Last four in: Indiana, Oklahoma, Miami-FL, Florida

First four out: SMU, Notre Dame, Mississippi St., Creighton

01/24/22 bracketology

First bracketology attempt of the season! With so many Covid-enforced cancellations and postponements, some teams have played considerably more games than others, so things are likely to change significantly between now and Selection Sunday. There’s also a lot of mid-major teams in this early forecast, which is always fun to see, but may not happen in reality as these teams have fewer chances at quality wins during the conference season. In any case, here’s the bracket:

1. Auburn (Greenville)1. Gonzaga (Portland)1. Baylor (Fort Worth)1. Arizona (San Diego)
2. Villanova (Pittsburgh)2. Wisconsin (Milwaukee)2. Purdue (Indianapolis)2. Kansas (Indianapolis)
3. Houston (Fort Worth)3. LSU (Greenville)3. Kentucky (Buffalo)3. Duke (Pittsburgh)
4. Michigan St. (Milwaukee)4. Texas Tech (Buffalo)4. UCLA (San Diego)4. Tennessee (Portland)
5. Xavier5. USC5. Alabama5. Ohio St.
6. Iowa St.6. Connecticut6. Providence6. Illinois
7. Colorado St.7. Seton Hall7. BYU7. Marquette
8. TCU8. Loyola-Chicago8. Murray St.8. Texas
9. Indiana9. West Virginia9. Iowa9. Saint Mary’s
10. Davidson10. Florida St.10. Wake Forest10. Boise St.
11. Arkansas11. UAB11. North Carolina11. Florida
12. Oklahoma/Mississippi St.12. Wyoming/Michigan12. Iona12. Miami-FL
13. Chattanooga13. South Dakota St.13. Toledo13. Vermont
14. Weber St.14. Seattle U.14. Wagner14. Princeton
15. Cleveland St.16. Cal State Fullerton15. Jacksonville St.15. Arkansas St.
16. UNC Wilmington/New Orleans16. Norfolk St.16. Southern/Army16. Winthrop

Last four byes: Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, Miami-FL

Last four in: Wyoming, Oklahoma, Mississippi St., Michigan

First five out: Oregon, San Diego St., San Francisco, Creighton, Belmont

2022 Preseason bracket

Here’s my stab at foreseeing how things are going to shake out and look in March. Getting it in a little late, so these rankings aren’t really taking into account the first week of the season.

1. Kansas1. Gonzaga1. UCLA1. Duke
2. Memphis2. Villanova2. Texas2. Michigan
3. Purdue3. Oregon3. North Carolina3. Kentucky
4. Arkansas4. Tennessee4. Illinois4. Houston
5. Florida St.5. Ohio St.5. Louisville5. USC
6. Xavier6. Maryland6. St. Bonaventure6. Baylor
7. Michigan St.7. Virginia Tech7. Mississippi St.7. Alabama
8. Arizona St.8. Texas Tech8. Notre Dame8. Florida
9. Virginia9. Miami-FL9. Auburn9. Seton Hall
10. BYU10. Colorado St.10. St. John’s10. West Virginia
11. Richmond11. Butler11. Buffalo11. Syracuse/Rutgers (play-in)
12. Liberty12. Belmont12. San Diego St./Oregon St. (play-in)12. Drake
13. Cleveland St.13. UC Irvine13. Louisiana Tech13. New Mexico St.
14. Delaware14. South Dakota St.14. Georgia St.14. Harvard
15. Chattanooga15. UNC Asheville15. Southern Utah15. Hartford
16. Quinnipiac/Prairie View A&M (play-in)16. Boston University16. Morgan St.16. Wagner/New Orleans (play-in)

Last four in: Syracuse, San Diego St., Rutgers, Oregon St.

Just missed the cut: LSU, Indiana, Washington St., VCU, SMU, Ole Miss, Oklahoma, Iowa